Bloody Rose - A WNR Reading


Bloody Rose Chapter 1 - A WNR Reading

Author Nicholas Eames crafts here the first chapter of the second book in "The Band" series. Bloody Rose focuses on Tam Hashford, a sheltered, small town girl working at the local bar who dreams of adventure and heroes, or rather heroines. Soon her world is turned upside down when she gets to see the gilded myths of her daydreams in gritty first hand detail. Maybe she should have watched what she wished for?


Bloody Rose Chapter Two - A WNR Reading

In the second chapter of Bloody Rose, Tam shows us the Cornerstone, a bar where all the greatest mercs hang out. To her great surprise she even gets to meet her hero!


Bloody Rose Chapter Three - A WNR Reading

In the third chapter of Bloody Rose, Tam puts on a performance that she, and everyone else in her life, isn't ready for. What will she do when her life at home as weighted against a life of adventure?


Bloody Rose Chapter Four - A WNR Reading

In the fourth chapter of Bloody Rose, Tam must now face the consequences of her actions at the Cornerstone, and stand up for herself against the scariest villain of all, hopelessness at never leaving home and her jailer, her father.


Bloody Rose Chapter Five - A WNR Reading

In the fifth chapter of Bloody Rose, Tam gets her first taste of what it really means to be a Merc in an arena. She also get's the faintest glimpse of the other side of Bloody Rose's life, the side without the crowd, the fame, and the partying.