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Konrad Secord-Reitz


Life long comics and superhero fan, Konrad has been consuming content for across all mediums. Starting with the amazing Batman:TAS created by WB and Bruce Timm, Later came Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, and of course, X-Men the animated series! Next came a large collection of graphic novels ranging from the 1930 eras of Batman featuring works by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, to Grant Morrison and Alex Ross. Soon after came a daunting collection of Hellboy (Mike Mignola) , Spawn (Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, Tony Daniel, et al.,), Sunstone (Stefan Sejic) and Sex Criminals (Chip Zdarsky & Matt Fraction). While that collection was amassing DC launched their New-52, a perfect jump on for Konrad for issue by issue collection. Next came Marvel comics issue by issue.

While collecting and reading comics, Konrad started working for, a fan made, fan run website, where he reviews hundreds of comics and interviews a variety of your favorite artists and writers. Now Konrad is working on bringing you the best reviews of a wide variety of comics, graphic novels, and story arcs on WednesdayNightReviews