Graphic Novel Reviews


Batman : White Knight

Batman: White Knight by @Sean_G_Murphy and @MDHollingsworth is a fantastic new angle on the Batman universe and the characters that inhabit it. Here is our review of Batman: White Knight.


No. 1 With A Bullet

In this Black Mirror-esque horror, Nash Huang goes through the worst possible combination of sci-fi futurist horror and modern day social murder. Creators Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona breath colorful life into this panic inducing novel.


Moonshot Vol.1 & Vol. 2

Moonshot Vol 1 & 2 are anthology collections which document the stories that create indigenous culture. These books collect the works of over 30 artists and writers. As a Canadian, I find these books to be the most important graphic novels I have ever read.


Fearsome Doctor Fang

The Fearsome Doctor Fang is a classic adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones, Carmen Sandiego and so many others. Using the art style of the 1950s-1970 comics it's creative team brings to life a classic tale for a new audience.



Infidel by Pornsak Pichetshote and Aaron Campbell is the perfect horror comic! It has been designed to work perfectly within the confines of the medium while bringing to life a terrifying story of hate, racism, and ghosts.


Realm Vol. 1

Set in the not-so-distant future, this post-apocalyptic book explores the end of days if orcs, goblin, dragons, and even older and fouler things. The protagonist of this book is a merc who sets out to guide two scientists across country in hopes of ending hell on earth.


Klaus: The New Adventures of Santa Claus

Klaus, Father Christmas, is shown in a new light in Grant Morrison and Dan Mora's new universe. A much younger man, Klaus adventure around the world attempting to make it a better place for all thought in it. In this book, we see him go up against the Winter Witch as well as the insidious Pola-Cola company. With brilliant writing and amazing drawing, Klaus' world is a bright one of hope even when filled with vile evil.


7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins is a high stakes western set in 1850s Texas in the middle of a war between the Apache tribes and government. One padre frees six prisoners in order to set everything right. Will his efforts pay off or will they all die in the desert by heat, bullets, or blood?



Jeff Lemire is a Canadian born comics creator with truly extraordinary talent for story telling. With Roughneck, Lemire give us a glimpse into the world of Derek Ouelette, an ex-NHLer from the fictional town of Pimitamon Ontario. His life is rough, his past is worse and Lemire crafts a captivating small town story for his readers in Roughneck.


Essex County

Essex County is a multi-generational trilogy following three generations of the LeBoeuf and Bryne families. Lemire shows us how life can go wrong and how we don't expect it should. With a combination of touching visuals and perfect writing to allow us to draw our own connections to the characters in what they say, what they don't, and what they do.



Sara follows an elite female sniper and her squad in the Russian military during the Nazi occupation of Russia. Between tense long sniper battles and impending mortar strikes, Sara must also face the harsh reality of her position as soldier and country woman.


Goodnight Paradise

Goodnight Paradise follows a homeless man on a quest to bring a killer to life. This work also shows how important social programs, like libraries and mental health support are.