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Heroes in Crisis - A series in Review

Heroes in Crisis is a deeply emotional story about mental health and how it affects everyone from you or me, to the greatest heroes in the world. There are many twists and turns in these nine issues and along the way we learn some of the darkest secrets in the DC Universe.

Batman: Damned - A Nightmare in Three Parts

The all-star team of Azzarello and Bermejo have reunited once again to bring to life another amazing nightmare. Previously, this duo has worked on the books Luthor (2010) and Joker (2008). Their most recent efforts take us through a grungy Gotham City where nightmares and magic have taken over.


Nightwing: The New Order

Set in the future and beyond DC continuity, Nightwing: The New Order shows us what the world would be like under martial law against superpowers. Who better to lead the crusade against Metas than Nightwing? A man who wears his heart on his sleeve and just wants the world to be a better place.


Justice League: Lost

In Justice League Lost, the League are faced with an difficult political situation which threatens the League's future. How will they decide what to do when there is no clear threat or answer?


Heroes in crisis #1

Heroes in Crisis #1 by Tom King and Clay Mann is the start to the newest Crisis in the DC Universe. It touches on serious mental health issues in the heroes and a betrayal among those looking for help. How will the world's finest heroes deal with this most egregious events.


Faithless #1 - #3

Faithless is the story of a young woman living in a big city getting swept up into an otherworldly tale. Faith, the titular character, is your average woman with an interest in magic, the occult, and making magic circles in her journal. It’s just fun. One day she bumps into a strange beauty named Poppy and her life changes as she is enthralled with the woman and enters a world of magic and horror.


Conan : The Barbarian

Conan is finally back to Marvel comics in a big way! This new creative team built of long time fans of Conan have breathed a new life into the character and kicked off a fantastic adventure!


Heroes In Crisis #2

In this, the second issue of the newest Crisis in the DC Universe, we get a glimpse behind the masks of the Trinity. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman reveal how their lives effect them personally. Meanwhile, Harley is on the run.


Superman Year One : Book One

Superman: Year One Book 1 retells the tale of Kal-El’s journey to Earth and his younger years. With the veteran Frank Miller writing and Romita drawing, Kal’s small town origin explodes to life as we get a new perspective on the importance of Clark’s father and how the young man takes on his father’s teachings.


Batman: Damned #1 & #2

Batman : Damned was created by the all-star team of Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo ( Joker, Luthor ). In this newest project for DC Comics' Black Label, the duo come together to give us a new angel on Batman and the world of Gotham. Instead of Science and human will, this series finds Batman pitted against magic and forces beyond his understanding.


Batman #51 - #53

Batman Cold Days takes place sometime after the Bat/Cat wedding. This story arc sees Bruce Wayne question himself as Batman within the eyes of society and the law. What will happen when Gotham's Billionaire Playboy must judge Gotham's Dark Knight?